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Temporary Learning Centers Support

7.8 magnitude earthquakes on 25th April and yet again on 12th May caused significant devastation in the central parts of Nepal especially in the hilly and Himalayan regions. It severely . .

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Post Quake Health Camp for Dhading

Katunje VDC (May 10-14)  Landseed Taiwan Hospital and E-Da Taiwan Hospital formed a health camp provided service to 355 villagers.

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South Korean NGOs Provided Relief For Dhading

The Promise, Child Fund and Medi Peace distributed 350 bags of rice,1000 kg of salt, 350 liters of oil in . .

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Welcome to EPF

The mindset of EPF is to reserve the natural gift of Himalayas in the course of the progress and development of human life. We devote ourselves to improving the community development in the rural area of Nepal. 

Our priorities are :
Education Support & Economic Development, Health Care and Sanitation Awareness, Safety Drinking Water Supply and Agriculture, Ecological Protection and Eco-Tourism Promotion

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Ongoing Projects

Voice of Chairperson

It has been 4 months after the earthquake, most of victims in the affected areas are still staying in temporary shelters and trying to survive through the monsoon. At least 10 trumors per week happened in the central zone of Nepal. Thanks for our loyal friends from overseas and donors who continues supporting our task on building TLCs and SPLCs for the public schools in Dhading. Most of works weredone by the cooperation between local communities and school teachers. 

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